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Time to Lounge

Time to Lounge

So many developments include a space for their tenants to “LOUNGE” . The ideal  in my opinion is to gather and build community.
As a designer of these spaces I often find that most of these areas are not utilized.
There is perhaps an event for the Super Bowl or some private celebration. Most people prefer to sit alone looking at a mobile device of some sort.
Interiors have been reduced to one formulae. MODERN WHITE ON WHITE. 

I ask if everything starts looking exactly the same does that indicate it is time for a change. Does everyone want the space to look like no one is ever going to sit in the chair or place a drink on a side table. What happened to the idea of furniture creating a natural patina with use. The beauty of the imperfections .

This saddens me tremendously .

I challenge myself to answer the following  5  questions:

  1. How to create a space where everyone feels welcomed.
  2. How to encourage people to connect .
  3. How to select furniture where comfort is foremost
  4. How to provide a color palettes that are harmonic
  5. How to engage all of the 5 senses

These are the elements in the design process that are intrinsic to the success of a space. I look forward to creating some new experiences that touch on the
aspect of HEALING within a space.  It is my PASSION TO CREATE  a new way of experiencing interior SPACE

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