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Healing Interiors .. the first step

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The subject of healing has been central to me as an interior designer for some time. The idea that our surroundings can play an intrinsic part to the healing process is key.
I have long felt that the application of a specific color can provide a catalyst for restoring the body.

One’s home is an extension of one’s inner world .

I can guarantee if one’s home is in state of disorder that the person is as well.

Home is like a meditation. Finding what brings you joy and peace is essential. Just the same as eating the right foods and connecting to nature with a brisk walk.
The grounding part of creating a home is the first step.

What brings you joy.
What colors do you love .
What style of chair is like a warm embrace.
What do you need to surround yourself with to feel whole.

It has nothing to do with keeping up with the latest greatest design trend . It is about going in, deep within to find and articulate what is essential .

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