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DESIGN VISION by film maker Roger Ingraham

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  |   Art, Cooking, Creative Design Solutions, Creativitiy, Design, Floor Covering, Furniture, Graphics, Inspiration, Interior Design, International Design, Lighting, Material, Photography, Sleek Design, Space Planning, Wall Art   |   1 Comment

Swedish design has always been one that is dear to my heart. More dear to my heart is the combination of expresso and dark chocolate . Yesterday I had the pleasure of being taken to a new cafe located near Bryant Park .  I was in...

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The Visionary Work of Niene’s Moodlab of Holland

  |   Architecture, Art, Color, Color Palettes, Creative Design Solutions, Creativitiy, Design, Photography, Uncategorized, Wall Art   |   2 Comments

My inspiration is always found in the work of artists.   I met Niene a few years ago in Miami and was so taken with her visionary work and spirit. She established Moodlab to create Art, Projects and Portraits. Her focus on portraits of Newborns are incredibly poetic.   Recently...

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Buddhist ceremony, Wenshuo Temple, Chengdu

Design Eye Focus on Ashok Sinha, International Photographer

  |   Architecture, Art, Color, Lighting, Living Spaces, Photography, Wall Art   |   13 Comments

ASHOK SINHA is one of those rare individuals that is of the world. There is not a moment he is not planning, creating or sharing his unique point of view. The artistry that is expressed through  a vast amount of technical knowledge is what makes him...

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Design Eye on CREATIVITY

  |   Architecture, Art, Bath Design, Bedroom Design, Business, Creative Design Solutions, Creativitiy, Design, Design eye, Furniture, Innovation, Inspiration, International Design, Kitchen Design, Living Spaces, Material, Modern Design, Photography, Quick Design Tips, Room Designs, Seating, Space Planning, Wall Art   |   No comment

We are launching a new creativity series for our KDD Blog. We have been placing the focus on designers, industry leaders, photographers, painters, industrial designers , manufacturers and artists . Design is always about collaboration. It is enlightening to understand where the initial idea comes from...

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